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Name:Quick-open Solenoid Valve----VMR



The VMR type valve is a fast opening single-stage solenoid valve, normally closed (open when energized). This type of device is suitable for air or gas blocking and releasing controls, required in gas power burners, atmospheric gas boilers, industrial kilns and others gas consuming appliances.


  • The valves are made of aluminum alloy die-cast (or hot-pressed brass for OTN versions), with a wide range for inlet/outlet connections from DN 8 up to DN 150.

  • Pipe connections meet group 2 and backpressure sealing is compliant with class A, according to EN161 requirements.

  • Suitable for use with air and non-aggressive gases included in the 1, 2 and 3 families (EN 437).

  • Special versions for aggressive gases (Biogas, COG).

  • The whole range can be provided in Ex-proof execution, for use in Zones 2 and 22, according to 94/9/EC Directive (ATEX).

  • The valve is open only when energized: if, for any reason, power supply goes down, the valve closes immediately (intrinsic safe).

  • Suitable for cycle operation and qualified for continuous service (100% ED).

  • Equipped with flow rate adjustment (except brass models).

  • An incorporated fine mesh filter protects the valve seat and disc as well as downstream components and prevents dirty contamination (except brass models).

  • Provided with G1/4 pressure gauge on two sides in the inlet chamber (except brass models), to connect manometers, pressure switches, leakage tester or other gas equipments. Flanged

  • models are provided with gauges also in the outlet chamber.

  • The coils are provided with terminal box or with ISO 4400 plug. Both systems are provided with suitable cable gland to avoid water and dirty contamination.

  • All components are designed to withstand any mechanical, chemical and thermal condition occurring during typical service. Effective impregnation and surface treatments have been used

  • to improve mechanical sturdiness, sealing and resistance to corrosion of the components.

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