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Name:High speed low NOx burner - BSTN



  • Capacity: 70~2000KW, others please contact.
  • Perfect flame shape
  • Turn down ratio: 1:20
  • Staged combustion by means of staged structure,
  • low NOx emission
  • Velocity: 60~180m/s
  • Great stability of the flame in the condition of both excessive combustion air and optimizing gas/air ratio.
  • On/off control or continuous control.
  • Electrode ignition or pilot.
  • Electrode or UV scanner
  • Restriction orifices are preinstalled in air and gas connections
  • Gas type: NG, LPG, COG, others please contace.
  • Three way for the installation as different temperature:
  • Alloy tube, ceramic tube, refractory brick.
  • Patented product.

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